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    Meet Mike! He has decided to take the plunge and expand his property portfolio and build 5-10 new luxury homes. He does have a some experience in the industry, but the last time he attempted to manage a build the problems and stress took over his life!

    Mike needs our help! And most importantly, Mike has options. We are able to support him to give him a stress free life.

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    Meet Karen! She runs a successful SME in construction and is doing a great job, but she has one huge issue… lack of time! Managing the guys on the ground, alongside bidding for work and ensuring cash flow is really taking its toll. She wants the company to grow but is going round in circles.

    Karen is in luck. We help contractors set up processes to manage projects more efficiently… saving you TIME and MONEY.

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    Meet Steve! He has been asked to take on the “Principle Contractor” role on his next project. He has a Google and thinks, “it can’t be that hard” and so agrees. Only to find Google lied, it’s an overwhelming amount of extra work! The additional costs of site set-up and safety requirements wipes out his margin.

    We can help Steve! We offer safety advice to small-medium sized contractors in the construction industry. Put simply – a couple of days of our time could save you a potential nightmare!

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    Finally meet Holly! She’s looking over plans drawn up from her Architect. She is happy with them and has an estimate within budget. BUT, this is risky for Holly as using square metre rates (which her Architect has used) can often lead to a big increase in cost further down the line!

    Holly has a solution. Our commercial team can check the affordability of her designs by producing a detailed estimate of what the build will actually cost. If Holly realises this is no longer within budget, we can help get it back to where it needs to be.

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